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Pelchem is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa Soc Ltd). Pelchem is a global manufacturer and supplier of commodity and specialty chemicals such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salts, fluorine gas, fluorine gas mixtures and a range of speciality fluoride materials to South African and international customers.We do toll manufacturing of speciality fluorochemicals and toll Surface Fluorination of plastic components.

We are continuously developing innovative cost effective technology solutions for new and existing products.

Pelchem is committed to chemical excellence by maintaining a high standard in the safe delivery of products, supported by technical and safety assistance to our customers.

As consumers our daily lives are affected by products which are manufactured from fluorochemicals. The vast array includes high octane fuel, anaesthetics, metered dose inhalers, electrical insulators, foam insulation and packaging materials, special alloys, mobile phones, diamonds, domestic and industrial refrigeration, non-stick cookware, plastic components in automotive applications, electrical cable insulation, beverage cans, pesticides and herbicides in agriculture, microchips and sensors for consumer electronics, tablet devices, computers, flat panel television screens, flash memory sticks, cement, stainless steel kitchenware and automotive components and soaps.

Contact us for existing, new or difficult to manufacture chemicals.

Pelchem Services

Services Offered by Pelchem

Cylinder Assembly

Pelchem does gas cylinder assembly for new, refurbished or hydro-tested cylinders.

Surface Fluorination

Pelchem offers a Surface Fluorination service based on our patented processes and knowhow.

Toll Fluorochemical Manufacturing

Pelchem does toll R&D and manufacturing of fluorochemicals for customers.

Technical Advice and Safety Awareness

Technical Advice and Safety Awareness
Pelchem Products

List of our Main Industry Products


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