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Surface Fluorination

Surface Fluorination

Pelchem offers a Surface Fluorination service based on our patented processes and knowhow. This process involves the modification of polymer surfaces using fluorine gas mixtures, which improves the permeation and adhesion characteristics of polymers and thereby expands polymer applications in industry.
Surface Fluorinated containers have become widely accepted for the packaging of agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, automotive fuels, paint products, veterinary medicines, food products, household and industrial cleaners and medicinal products. Pipes are also Surface Fluorinated for the petrochemical industry.

Several million containers ranging in size from 3 ml to 1200 litre and pipes up to 100 m length are fluorinated every year in our plants.

The Surface Fluorination service is compliant to various permeability requirements such as USA DOT, ECE, ERA, CARB and is approved by FDA of the USA. Quality control procedures according to ISO 9001:2008 standards are implemented and followed.

Pelchem is currently modularising its existing surface fluorination plant technology to offer packaged Modular Surface Fluorination Plants to customers. These plants can be customised according to the need, and will lead to significant cost and time savings for companies that require surface fluorination. Benefits include: On-site surface fluorination facility which saves on transportation logistics, time and cost; Customisable and; Developed by Pelchem, with over 20 years’ experience in commercial surface fluorination


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